Gateway to the Classics: Display Item
Marjorie Barrows

Finding Fairies

When the winds of March are wakening

The crocuses and crickets,

Did you ever find a fairy near

Some budding little thickets,

A-straightening her golden wings and

Combing out her hair?

She's there!

And when she sees you creeping up

To get a closer peek,

She tumbles through the daffodils,

A-playing hide-and-seek,

And creeps into the tulips till

You can't find where she's hid?

Mine did!

Have you ever, ever come across

A little toadstool elf

A-reading by a firefly lamp

And laughing to himself,

Or a saucy fairy queen upon

Her favorite dragonfly?

So've I!

It's fun to see a fairy flutter

Off a catskin boat,

And wrap her fairy baby in

A pussywillow coat;

Oh, don't you love the fairies

And their fairy babies too?

I do!