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Hilda Conkling

The Field of Wonder

What could be more wonderful

Than the place where I walk sometimes?

Swaying like trees in rain . . .

Swaying like trees in sunshine

When breezes stir nothing but happiness . . .

What could be more lovely?

I walk in the Field of Wonder

Where colors come to be;

I stare at the sky . . .

I feel myself lifting on the wind

As the swallows lift and blow upward . . .

I see colors fade out, they die away . . .

I blow across a cloud . . . I am lifted . . .

How can I change again into a little girl

When wings are in my feeling of gladness?

This is strange to know

On a summer day at noon,

This is a wild new joy

When summer is over.

The scarlet of three maple trees

Will guide me home,

Oh mother my dear!

Fear nothing: I will come home

Before snow falls!