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Rachel Lyman Field

Queen Katharine of England

(After Seeing "Henry VIII")

Oh, had I lived in England then,

Most tender and most tragic Queen,

I would have walked the London streets

And waited there till I had seen

You pass, in all the pageantry

Of Henry's court. When he put by

Your love for lighter laughter, I

Would have sought out your fallen throne,

The castle where you grieved alone.

There I had brought you flowers sweet

From hillsides warm, and at your feet

I'd crouch, that I might look into

Your eyes, grown gray and dark with tears

Shed for an alien land and King

Through long and wearying years.

Oh, then, if you had noticed me—

A child amidst your company,

I would have begged your leave to stay

There by your side, that I might say,

In after years, these eyes had seen

A crownless, but unconquered Queen.