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Rachel Lyman Field

London Bridge

"London Bridge is falling down,"

Down, down, down—

Out on the green the old game goes.

Bobbing heads and scuffling toes,

Little bodies, round and free,

Whirling, mingling dizzily,

Hands stretched out all warm and brown

To grasp, and reach again;

And always comes the old refrain—

"London Bridge is falling down,"

Down, down, down.

Oh, all you little boys and girls,

With twinkling feet and sun-warmed curls,

Who have not reached the grown-up town

Where all our bridges tumble down,

Down, down, down,

I would keep you always so,

Bobbing, whirling to and fro,

Playing in the sun,

And London Bridge the only one

Of all you build to tumble down,

Down, down, down.