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Charles Lamb

Choosing a Name

I have got a new-born sister;

I was nigh the first that kissed her.

When the nursing woman brought her

To papa, his infant daughter,

How papa's dear eyes did glisten!—

She will shortly be to christen:

And papa has made the offer,

I shall have the naming of her.

Now I wonder what would please her,

Charlotte, Julia, or Louisa.

Ann and Mary, they're too common;

Joan's too formal for a woman;

Jane's a prettier name beside;

But we had a Jane that died.

They would say, if 'twas Rebecca,

That she was a little Quaker.

Edith's pretty, but that looks

Better in old English books;

Ellen's left off long ago;

Blanche is out of fashion now.

None that I have named as yet

Are so good as Margaret.

Emily is neat and fine.

What do you think of Caroline?

How I'm puzzled and perplext

What to choose or think of next!

I am in a little fever.

Lest the name that I shall give her

Should disgrace her or defame her,

I will leave papa to name her.