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Alfred Noyes

Song from Drake:  Ye That Follow the Vision


Ye that follow the vision

Of the world's weal afar,

Have ye met with derision

And the red laugh of war;

Yet the thunder shall not hurt you,

Nor the battle-storms dismay;

Tho' the sun in heaven desert you,

"Love will find out the way."


When the pulse of hope falters,

When the fire flickers low

On your faith's crumbling altars,

And the faithless gods go;

When the fond hope ye cherished

Cometh, kissing, to betray;

When the last star hath perished,

"Love will find out the way."


When the last dream bereaveth you,

And the heart turns to stone,

When the last comrade leaveth you

In the desert alone;

With the whole world before you

Clad in battle-array,

And the starless night o'er you,

"Love will find out the way."


Your dreamers may dream it

The shadow of a dream,

Your sages may deem it

A bubble on the stream;

Yet our kingdom draweth nigher

With each dawn and every day,

Through the earthquake and the fire

"Love will find out the way."


Love will find it, tho' the nations

Rise up blind, as of old,

And the new generations

Wage their warfares of gold;

Tho' they trample child and mother

As red clay into the clay,

Where brother wars with brother,

"Love will find out the way."