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Alfred Noyes

Song from Drake:  Good Luck Befall You, Mariners All


Good luck befall you, mariners all

That sail this world so wide!

Whither we go, not yet we know:

We steer by wind and tide.

Be it right or wrong, I sing this song;

For now it seems to me

Men steer their souls thro' rocks and shoals

As mariners use by sea.

Chorus:  As mariners use by sea,

My lads,

As mariners use by sea!


And now they plough to windward, now

They drive before the gale!

Now are they hurled across the world

With torn and tattered sail;

Yet, as they will, they steer and still

Defy the world's rude glee:

Till death overwhelm them, mast and helm,

They ride and rule the sea.

Chorus:  They ride and rule the sea

My lads,

They ride and rule the sea!