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William Brighty Rands

Love and the Child

Toys, and treats, and pleasures pass

Like a shadow in a glass,

Like the smoke that mounts on high,

Like a noonday's butterfly.

Quick they come and quick they end,

Like the money that I spend;

Some to-day, to-morrow more,

Short, like those that went before.

Mother, fold me to your knees!

How much should I care for these—

Little joys that come and go!

If you did not love me so?

And when things are sad or wrong,

Then I know that love is strong;

When I ache, or when I weep,

Then I know that love is deep.

Father, now my prayer is said,

Lay your hand upon my head!

Pleasures pass from day to day,

But I know that love will stay.

While I sleep it will be near;

I shall wake and find it here;

I shall feel it in the air

When I say my morning prayer.

Maker of this little heart!

Lord of love I know thou art!

Little heart though thou forget,

Still the love is round thee set.