Gateway to the Classics: Display Item
James Whitcomb Riley

Old Granny Dusk

Old Granny Dusk, when the sun goes down,

Here she  comes into thish-yer town!

Out o' the wet black woods an' swamps

In she traipses an' trails an' tromps—

With her old sunbonnet all floppy an' brown,

An' her cluckety shoes, an' her old black gown,

Here she  comes into thish-yer town!

Old Granny Dusk, when the bats begin

To flap around, comes a-trompin' in!

An' the katydids they rasp and whir.

An' the lightnin'-bugs all blink at her;

An' the old Hop-toad turns in his thumbs,

An' the bunglin' June-bug booms an' bums,

An' the Bullfrog croaks, "O here  she comes!"

Old Granny Dusk, though I 'm 'feard o' you,

Shore-fer-certain I 'm sorry, too:

'Cause you look as lonesome an' starved an' sad

As a mother 'at 's lost ever' child she had.—

Yet never a child in thish-yer town

Clings at yer hand er yer old black gown,

Er kisses the face you 're a-bendin' down.