Gateway to the Classics: Display Item
Sara Teasdale


I wish for such a lot of things

That never will come true—

And yet I want them all so much

I think they might, don't you?

I want a little kitty-cat

That's soft and tame and sweet,

And every day I watch and hope

I'll find one in the street.

But nursie says, "Come, walk along,

"Don't stand and stare like that"—

I'm only looking hard and hard

To try to find my cat.

And then I want a blue balloon

That tries to fly away,

I thought if I wished hard enough

That it would come some day.

One time when I was in the park

I knew that it would be

Beside the big old clock at home

A-waiting there for me—

And soon as we got home again,

I hurried through the hall,

And looked beside the big old clock—

It wasn't there at all.

I think I'll never wish again—

But then, what shall I do?

The wishes are a lot of fun

Although they don't come true.