First Grade Read Aloud Banquet

Songs for July

Over the Hills and Far Away


Buy a Broom

Lucy Locket

The Little Turtle

There was a little turtle.

He lived in a box.

He swam in a puddle.

He climbed on the rocks.

He snapped at a mosquito.

He snapped at a flea.

He snapped at a minnow.

And he snapped at me.

He caught the mosquito.

He caught the flea.

He caught the minnow.

But he didn't catch me.

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Week 28 The Cyclone from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum Quicksilver Bob from Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans by Edward Eggleston The Lamb with the Longest Tail from Among the Farmyard People by Clara Dillingham Pierson The Sheep and the Pig Who Set Up Housekeeping from Fairy Tales Too Good To Miss—Around the Fire by Lisa M. Ripperton Victory for the Greeks from On the Shores of the Great Sea by M. B. Synge The Secret from The Irish Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins The Night When a Nation Was Born from Hurlbut's Story of the Bible by Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
Once I Saw a Little Bird, Anonymous
Summer Afternoon by A. A. Milne
The Little Maiden and the Little Bird by Lydia Maria Child
Escape at Bedtime by Robert Louis Stevenson The Sun Travels by Robert Louis Stevenson Over in the Meadow by Olive A. Wadsworth Cherry-Tree by Christina Georgina Rossetti
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The Aesop for Children  by Milo Winter

The Fox and the Goat

A Fox fell into a well, and though it was not very deep, he found that he could not get out again. After he had been in the well a long time, a thirsty Goat came by. The Goat thought the Fox had gone down to drink, and so he asked if the water was good.


"The finest in the whole country," said the crafty Fox, "jump in and try it. There is more than enough for both of us."

The thirsty Goat immediately jumped in and began to drink. The Fox just as quickly jumped on the Goat's back and leaped from the tip of the Goat's horns out of the well.

The foolish Goat now saw what a plight he had got into, and begged the Fox to help him out. But the Fox was already on his way to the woods.

"If you had as much sense as you have beard, old fellow," he said as he ran, "you would have been more cautious about finding a way to get out again before you jumped in."

Look before you leap.