Gateway to the Classics: Julius Caesar by Jacob Abbott
Julius Caesar by  Jacob Abbott

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Julius Caesar
by Jacob Abbott
A stirring account of one of the most controversial figures in history, who, driven by ambition, rose to power in ancient Rome. Relates how Caesar, one of the three greatest generals in the ancient world, used his many victories on the battlefield to build his power base in Rome, then how he increased his popularity and won over many of his rivals through diplomacy, before being assassinated in the Roman Senate on the Ides of March in 44 B.C.  Ages 12-18
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Marius and Sylla
Caesar's Early Years
Advancement to the Consulship
The Conquest of Gaul
Crossing the Rubicon
The Battle of Pharsalia
The Flight and Death of Pompey
Caesar in Egypt
Caesar Imperator
The Conspiracy
The Assassination

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