Gateway to the Classics: Fur Trappers of the Old West by A. M. Anderson
Fur Trappers of the Old West by  A. M. Anderson

Word List

Arikara—Ah ree' kah rah


castor—kas' tor

Cimarron—Sim' ah ron


Comanche—Ko man' chee

cordelle—kor del'

corral—koh ral'

Etienne Provot—A tyen' Pro' vo

frontier—fron tear'

Laramie—Lair' ah me

Mississippi—Mis' i sip' y

Missouri—Mi soo' ry

moccasin—mok' ah sin

Mohave—Mo ah' vay

Pawnee—Paw' nee

Pierre—Pee yer'



rendezvous—ron' day voo

Santa Fe—San to Fay'

Shoshone—Sho sho' nee

Sierre Nevada—See ayr' a Nee va' da


Sublette—Sub let'

Taos—Tah' os

Tetons—Tay' tonz

Wasaka—Wah sah' kah

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