Gateway to the Classics: The Way of the Gate by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
The Way of the Gate by  Carolyn Sherwin Bailey


Allan's Lesson
The Blue and White China Dishes
The Building of the House
The Cap Grandfather Didn't Have
The Child Who Saw in the Dark
A Christmas Prayer
Dirty Jim
Edward's Birthday
An Evening Prayer
The First School Day
The Fourth of July Parade
The Garden That Awoke
Grandmother's First Day at School
The Hallowe'en Brownies
How To Work
Jesus and the Children
Kindness to Animals
The Laugh-Boy
The Little Boy Who Served His Country
The Little Boy of the Carpenter's Shop
The Little Lost Lamb
The Mole's Guest
Morning Prayer
My Two Homes
Once in Royal David's City
The Other Side of the Wall
The Plum Cake
A Prayer
President Lincoln and the Bird
The Prince's Happy Heart
The Princess Who Wanted To Be Beautiful
The Story of Samuel
The Story of the First Christmas
The Story of the First Christmas Eve
The Story on the Mountain
The Sweet Story of Old
Thanksgiving in the Woods
The Toad
The Tree That Was Lonesome
What the Mice Found Out
Which Loved Best
Who Kept Labor Day

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