Gateway to the Classics: When Grandfather Was a Boy by Carolyn Sherwin Bailey
When Grandfather Was a Boy by  Carolyn Sherwin Bailey

Table of Contents

How the Stories Began
The Little Lost Cat Bird
The Squirrel Who Fooled Grandfather
What Happened to the Wild Goose
When Grandfather Was Afraid
Grandfather and the Chipmunk
The Scare Crow That Grandfather Made
Grandfather's New Coat
Grandfather's Snow Man
How Grandfather Captured the Indian
Grandfather's Christmas Tree
Great-Grandfather's Story about George Washington
The Missionary Bed Quilt
Grandmother's Little Yellow Rocking Chair
Grandmother's Cookies
Grandmother's Bear
Grandfather's New Jack Knife
The Barn Cat's Family
Grandfather's Tomatoes
Grandfather and the Ginger Cake
Caroline's Easter Biddy
Grandmother's Red Slippers
Grandfather's Wild Duck
Grandmother and the Monkey
Grandfather's Willow Whistle
Grandfather's Prize Pig
How the Birds Came to the Sunday-School Picnic
Grandfather's Fourth of July
The Horse Chestnut Tree's Gift
Old Mr. Gander
Cinderella's Thanksgiving
Grandfather's Other Christmas Tree
Another Fourth of July
The Trunk in the Attic

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