Gateway to the Classics: Fifty Famous People by James Baldwin
Fifty Famous People by  James Baldwin

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Fifty Famous People
by James Baldwin
Offers stories about real persons who actually lived and performed their parts in the great drama of the world's history. Some of these persons were more famous than others, yet all have left enduring footprints on the 'sands of time,' and their names will be long remembered. Though not strictly biographical, each of the stories contains a basis of truth and an ethical lesson which cannot fail to have a wholesome influence. Each also possesses elements of interest that will delight the children with whom it is shared.  Ages 6-9
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

Saving the Birds
Another Bird Story
Speaking a Piece
Writing a Composition
The Whistle
The Ettrick Shepherd
The Caliph and the Poet
"Becos! Becos! Becos!"
A Lesson in Humility
The Midnight Ride
The Boy and the Wolf
Another Wolf Story
The Horseshoe Nails
The Landlord's Mistake
A Lesson in Manners
Going to Sea
The Shepherd-Boy Painter
Two Great Painters
The King and the Bees
Our First Great Painter
The Young Scout
The Lad Who Rode Sidesaddle
The Whisperers
How a Prince Learned To Read
"Read and You Will Know"
The Young Cupbearer
The Sons of the Caliph
The Boy and the Robbers
A Lesson in Justice
The General and the Fox
The Bomb
A Story of Old Rome
Saved by a Dolphin
"Little Brothers of the Air"
A Clever Slave
The Dark Day
The Surly Guest
The Story of a Great Story
The King and the Page
The Hunted King
"Try, Try Again!"
Why He Carried the Turkey
The Paddle-Wheel Boat
The Caliph and the Gardener
The Cowherd Who Became a Poet
The Lover of Men
The Charcoal Man and the King
Which was the King?
The Golden Tripod

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