Gateway to the Classics: The Story of Roland by James Baldwin
The Story of Roland by  James Baldwin

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The Story of Roland
by James Baldwin
Here are related the daring feats and great exploits of Roland, worthiest of the barons of France in the time of Charlemagne, and those of Oliver and Reinold and Ogier the Dane, all heroes who were his companions in arms and who rivalled him in the number and greatness of their exploits. The story is culled from the works of song-writers and poets of five centuries and in as many languages.  Ages 11-14
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

Roland and Oliver
The King's Guest
The War with the Saxons
The Knight of the Swan
Ogier the Dane
How the Army Crossed the Alps
Knighted on the Battlefield
How Ogier Won Sword and Horse
Roland's Arms
A Roland for an Oliver
Reinold of Montalban
Malagis the Wizard
The Princess of Cathay
In the Wood of Ardennes
Roland's Quest in the Far East
How Reinold Fared in Cathay
In the Gardens of Falerina
Morgan the Fay
How Ogier Refused a Kingdom
How Roland Slew a Sea Monster
How Roland Fell into Prison
Bradamant the Warrior Maiden
The Winged Horse of the Pyrenees
How Roland Lost His Helmet
The Battle
Medoro the Moor
Contest for Durandal
How Roland Became His Own Shadow
A Flight to the Land of Prester John
How the Peers Returned to France
How Charlemagne Fought against Ogier
The Vale of Thorns
The After Word

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