Gateway to the Classics: Chief Black Hawk by Frank Lee beals
Chief Black Hawk by  Frank Lee beals

Table of Contents

First Feathers of a Brave
Following the Osage Trail
The New Hero of Saukenuk
Black Hawk Takes Command
Black Hawk, Sauk War Chief
Quashquamme and his Treaty
War Clouds in the East
The Click of a Rifle
A True Sauk
Davenport, American Trader
Loud Thunder
Mighty Sauk Nation Divided
White Men in Saukenuk
Who is Black Hawk?
How Can there be Peace?
Joe Smart, Indian Scout
The Sauk War Post
Stillman's Run
Shabonna Warns White Settlers
White Girls in Camp
Brave White War Chief
Black Hawk Surrenders
I am a Man

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