Gateway to the Classics: Master Skylark by John Bennett
Master Skylark by  John Bennett

Table of Contents

The Lord Admiral's Players
Nicholas Attwood's Home
The Last Straw
Off for Coventry
In the Warwick Road
The Master-Player
"Well Sung, Master Skylark!"
The Admiral's Company
The May-Day Play
After the Play
A Strange Ride
A Dash for Freedom
At Bay
London Town
Ma'm'selle Cicely Carew
Carew's Offer
Master Heywood Protests
The Rose Play-House
"The Children of Paul's"
The Skylark's Song
A New Life
The Making of a Player
The Waning of the Year
To Sing before the Queen
The Queen's Plaisance
Christmas with Queen Bess
Back to Gaston Carew
At the Falcon Inn
In the Twinkling of an Eye
The Last of Gaston Carew
Cicely Disappears
The Bandy-Legged Man
A Sudden Resolve
Wayfaring Home
Turned Adrift
A Strange Day
All's Well That Ends Well

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