Gateway to the Classics: Little Folks' Land by Madge A. Bigham
Little Folks' Land by  Madge A. Bigham

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Little Folks' Land
by Madge A. Bigham
This delightful book for young listeners awakens children's interest in the world around them through the story of 'Joe-Boy' and how he grew from a baby in a gipsy camp to become an active member of society. We hear first about how Joe-Boy's house is built and furnished, and how his clothes are made. Then we watch Joe-Boy's circle broaden to include the pets he cares for, the wild animals he observes, and the friends he makes. Includes an especially fine group of nature stories. An ideal introduction to a longer narrative for children of kindergarten age.  Ages 5-8
430 pages $18.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Forest Home
Joe-Boy's House
The Architect's Help
The Material for the House
The Brickmason's Help
The Carpenter's Help
The Painter's Help
The Bedroom
The Parlor
The Dining Room
The Kitchen
Joe-Boy's Room
The Completed House
Joe-Boy's Party
Farmer Green's Cotton Seed
Farmer Green Picks His Cotton
The Cotton at the Ginhouse
The Cotton at the Warehouse
The Cotton at the Factory
Joe-Boy's Birthday Dresses
Joe-Boy's Linen Picture Book
Father Gipsy's Surprise
Joe-Boy's Silk Present
The Woolen Balls' Story
The Wooden Ball's Story
Why the Trees Slept
The Marble Palace
Joe-Boy at Kindergarten
Joe-Boy's Cow
Lady Cow's Butter
The Little Sick Girl
Farmer Green's Grain
The Miller
The Kindergarten Lunch
Joe-Boy's Letter
How the Policeman Helped Joe-Boy
How Lady Cow Was Saved
Joe-Boy and the Doctor
Joe-Boy in Church
Joe-Boy's Pets
Prince Charming
The Rabbits That Wore the Blue Ribbon
Mrs. Spider-Brown
Mrs. Spider-Brown's Children
Dimple and Dot
The Wonderful Eggs
Mrs. Speckle
Buffy's Stepmother
The Little Pigeons Four
The Carrier Pigeon
The Return of the Bluebirds
The Birds' Store
The Gray-Swallows' Fright
The Baby Mockingbirds
How the Jaybirds Planted Trees
The Broken Twig
The Little Robins Three
The Redbird's Story
Mrs. Bobwhite's Family
The Whippoorwill Twins
Little Kitty Catbird
The Thrushes' Picnic
The Red-Headed Woodpecker
Billy Sanders' Canary
Dandy and the Sparrows
Billy's Christmas Tree to the Birds
The Brown Bulb-Babies
Baby Lily
The Little Worm That Helped
The Merry, Merry Blossoms
The Little Worm's Visit
The Princess
Bluette's Eggs
Bluette's Babies
Bluette's Smallest Baby
The Surprise of the Sassafras Bush
The Children's Garden
How Prince Charming Helped
The Vegetable Beds
The Flower Beds
Peggy Rose's Garden
Jack's Beanstalk
The Pea-Pods
The Garden Party
The Red, Red Nasturtium
The Lady Petunia's Story
Baby Dandelion
Rosy Clover-Blossom-Boy
Pretty Daisy-Fair
Why the Sunflowers Hang Their Heads
The Awakening of the Princess
The Queen of the Bees
The Queen's Eggs
Busy-Wings in Prison
Busy-Wings' Color Lesson
The Red Ants' Cows
Bright-Eyes and the Nut
The Ants' Bridge
The Red Ants' Secret
Little Jimmy Lightning-Bug
Greenie June-Bug
Vacation Time
The Camping Trip, Part 1
The Camping Trip, Part 2

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