Gateway to the Classics: Fables from Afar by Catherine T. Bryce
Fables from Afar by  Catherine T. Bryce

Table of Contents

The Elephant and the Ape
A Dumb Witness
The Rich Man's Guest
The Parrot
The Elephant and the Rats
The Raven
The Elves and the Envious Man
The Farmer and the Humming Bird
The Prince and the Rat
The Old Woman and the Crowbar
The Two Monkeys
The Monkeys and the Moon
What Was It?
The Camel
The Cobbler's Song
The Man and the Satyr
The Eagle and the Crow
The Swallow and the Other Birds
The Bow
The Lion and the Gnat
The Bees
The Oak and the Vine
The Nightingale and the Peacock
The Raven and the Dove
The Fox, the Raven, and the Dove—Part I
The Fox, the Raven, and the Dove—Part II
The Fox, the Raven, and the Dove—Part III
The Fowls and the Bees
The Mice and the Trap
The Crows and the Windmill
The Elephant
The Fox and the Goose
The Ant and the Glowworm
The Sun and the Little Plant
The Pansy
The Man and the Rain
The Bee and the Beetle
The Rain Cloud
Little Lights
The Two Lizards
The Glowworm and the Diamond
The Dewdrop
The Monkey and the Camel
The Rabbits and the Dogs
The Wise Snake
The Wallflower and the Thyme
The Squirrel and the Leopard
The Mimic and the Countryman
The Cat and the Hen
The Horse and the Stag
The Little Mouse's Mistake
The Cock and the Diamond
The Snake and the Hedgehog
The Travelers and the Bear
The Hedge and the Vineyard
The Donkey, the Cock and the Lion
The Wild Boar and the Fox

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