Gateway to the Classics: By Pond and River by Arabella Buckley
By Pond and River by  Arabella Buckley

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By Pond and River
by Arabella B. Buckley
Second volume in the Eyes and No Eyes series, introduces children to the variety of plant and animal life around ponds and rivers. Through life stories of frogs, dragon-flies, fish, water-bugs, water birds, otters, and voles, children's interest in water creatures is awakened. An exhibit of water plants at a flower show concludes the volume. Seven color illustrations and numerous black and white drawings complement the text. 5.5 x 8.5 inches.  Ages 8-10
60 pages $13.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

A Frog's Life
The Dragon-fly and His Companions
Down Below
The Stickleback's Nest
The Kingfisher
The Water-rat, or Water-vole
The Water-hen and the Coot
The Water-bugs
Along the River
The Otter Family
Flowers for the Show
Peggy's Water-plants

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