Gateway to the Classics: The Winners in Life's Race by Arabella B. Buckley
The Winners in Life's Race by  Arabella B. Buckley

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Winners in Life's Race
by Arabella B. Buckley
A fascinating survey of the backboned family, starting with fish and amphibians and moving on to reptiles, birds, and mammals of land and sea, detailing not only their life cycles and the structure and function of their anatomical features, but also how they interacted with each other and changing environmental conditions. Dozens of illustrations are included, some with labels for students to copy into their notebooks and others showing animals in their natural habitats. The reader is encouraged throughout to think along with the author, considering this and wondering about that, and in the end marveling at the wonders of creation. Sequel to Life and Her Children which provides an in-depth description of the invertebrates.  Ages 11-14
360 pages $16.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Threshold of Backboned Life
The Quaint Old Fishes of Ancient Times
The Bony Fish
From Water-Breathing to Air-Breathing
The Cold-Blooded Air-Breathers of the Globe
The Feathered Conquerors of the Air, Part I
The Feathered Conquerors of the Air, Part II
The Mammalia or Milk-Givers
From the Small Milk-Givers to the Intelligent Apes
The Large Milk-Givers
How Backboned Animals Have Returned to the Water
The Rise and Progress of Backboned Life

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