Gateway to the Classics: The Adventures of Old Man Coyote by Thornton W. Burgess
The Adventures of Old Man Coyote by  Thornton W. Burgess

Table of Contents

The Strange Voice
Peter Rabbit's Run for Life
Reddy Fox Makes a Discovery
Reddy Fox Consults Bobby Coon
Reddy Fox Visits Jimmy Skunk
Jimmy Skunk Goes with Reddy Fox
A Call on Digger the Badger
Old Man Coyote Makes Himself at Home
Old Man Coyote Meets Reddy Fix
Granny Fox Visits Prickly Porky
Granny Fox Tells Prickly Porky a Story
Granny Fox Tells Another Story
The Meeting at Laughing Brook
Slow Wit and Quick Wit
Prickly Porky's Tail
Old Man Coyote's Smartness
Granny Fox Is Found Out
The Cunning of Old Granny Fox
Bowser the Hound Has a Visitor
The Clever Plan of Granny Fox
How Peter Rabbit Helped Old Man Coyote
Why the Clever Plan of Granny Fox Failed
Old Man Coyote Gets a Good Dinner

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