Gateway to the Classics: The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat by Thornton Burgess
The Adventures of Jerry Muskrat by  Thornton Burgess

Table of Contents

Jerry Muskrat Has a Fright
The Convention at the Big Rock
The Oracle of the Smiling Pool
Grandfather Frog's Plan
A Busy Day at the Smiling Pool
Farmer Brown's Boy Is Puzzled
Jerry Muskrat Makes a Discovery
Grandfather Frog Watches His Toes
The Laughing Brook Stops Laughing
Why the World Seemed Upside Down
Five Heads Together
A Hunt for Trouble
Ol' Mistah Buzzard Sees Something
Spotty the Turtle Keeps Right on Going
What Spotty the Turtle Found
The Pond in the Green Forest
Who Had Made the Strange Pond?
Jerry Muskrat's Big Cousin
Jerry Muskrat Has a Busy Day
Jerry Has a Dreadful Disappointment
Jerry Muskrat Keeps Watch
Jerry Loses His Fear
Paddy the Beaver Does a Kind Deed
A Merry Home-Going
Paddy the Beaver Decides To Stay

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