Gateway to the Classics: Poems Every Child Should Know by Mary E. Burt
Poems Every Child Should Know by  Mary E. Burt

From Casa Guidi Windows

Juliet of Nations

I heard last night a little child go singing

'Neath Casa Guidi windows, by the church,

O bella libertÓ, O bella!—stringing

The same words still on notes he went in search

So high for, you concluded the upspringing

Of such a nimble bird to sky from perch

Must leave the whole bush in a tremble green,

And that the heart of Italy must beat,

While such a voice had leave to rise serene

'Twixt church and palace of a Florence street;

A little child, too, who not long had been

By mother's finger steadied on his feet,

And still O bella libertÓ he sang.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

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