Gateway to the Classics: Poems Every Child Should Know by Mary E. Burt
Poems Every Child Should Know by  Mary E. Burt

Little White Lily

This poem (George Macdonald, 1828-73) finds a place in this volume because, as a child, I loved it. It completely filled my heart, and has made every member of the lily family dear to me. George Macdonald's charming book, "At the Back of the North Wind," also was my wonder and delight.

Little White Lily

Sat by a stone,

Drooping and waiting

Till the sun shone.

Little White Lily

Sunshine has fed;

Little White Lily

Is lifting her head.

Little White Lily

Said: "It is good

Little White Lily's

Clothing and food."

Little White Lily

Dressed like a bride!

Shining with whiteness,

And crownèd beside!

Little White Lily

Drooping with pain,

Waiting and waiting

For the wet rain.

Little White Lily

Holdeth her cup;

Rain is fast falling

And filling it up.

Little White Lily

Said: "Good again,

When I am thirsty

To have the nice rain.

Now I am stronger,

Now I am cool;

Heat cannot burn me,

My veins are so full."

Little White Lily

Smells very sweet;

On her head sunshine,

Rain at her feet.

Thanks to the sunshine,

Thanks to the rain,

Little White Lily

Is happy again.

George Macdonald.

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