Gateway to the Classics: My Apingi Kingdom by Paul du Chaillu
My Apingi Kingdom by  Paul du Chaillu

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Great Falls of Samba-Nagoshi
Preparations for Hunting
Porcupine Hunting
A Large Hunting Party
Hunting with a Game Fence
Preventing War in my Kingdom
Hunting from Canoes
Palm-oil and a Leopard
Pottery and Plantains
A Kendo
A Herd of Monkeys
Elephant Hunting
My Kingdom's Prospects
Capture of Two Baby Galagos
Hunting Monkeys with Dogs
Wonderful White Ants
More about White Ants
Last Expedition in Apingi Country
Farewell to My Kingdom
Journey Back to Washington
Sailing for Senegal
Stories of Shipwrecks
Village on the Senegal River
Life in Senegal
Three Lion Cubs
A Caravan
An Ostrich Hunt
A Sand-storm
Shark Fishing
Fugitives from Slavery
A Difficult Journey

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