Gateway to the Classics: The Country of the Dwarfs by Paul du Chaillu
The Country of the Dwarfs by  Paul du Chaillu

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Setting out for the Country of the Dwarfs
Meeting with old Friends
Landing the Goods
Quengueza's Diplomacy
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Chimpanzee
Hunting for the Ipi
Gorillas and Plantains
A Wounded Gorilla and Her Young Ones
A Strange Passenger
Ascending the Ovenga River
A Terrific Thunder-storm
The Outbreak of the Plague
The Ravages of the Plague
Misfortune upon Misfortunes
A Mutiny
Terrible Storms of Thunder
The African Heavens
A Panic-stricken Village
Escape Through a Burning Prairie
A Deputation from the Village
Lost Among the Plantations
First Sight of a Village of the Dwarfs
A Warlike Race of Savages
Queer Specimen of Humanity
Making Friends with the Dwarfs
Hunting for the Dwarfs
An Unlucky Shot
The Enemy Repulsed
The Retreat Resumed
The Return to the Coast

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