Gateway to the Classics: Stories of Charlemagne by Alfred J. Church
Stories of Charlemagne by  Alfred J. Church


The Battle
The Coming of Roland
The Death of Roland
How Archbishop Turpin Died
How Charlemagne Sought Vengeance
How Fierabras Defied King Charles
How Ganelon Went on an Errand to King Marsilas
How Huon Met With King Oberon
How Huon Returned, His Errand Fulfilled
How Huon, Having Slain a Giant Came to Babylon
How King Charles Sent Huon on an Errand
How Mawgis Became a Hermit
How Oliver Fought With Fierabras
How Oliver Was Slain
How Oliver and His Comrades Fared
How Oliver and Others Were Taken
How Peace Was Made
How Ralph Entertained the King
How Ralph Went to Court
How Roland Sounded His Horn
How it Fared with the Brethren
How the Bridge Mantryble Was Won
How the Duke Benes Came by His End
How the Heathen and the French Prepared for Battle
More Deeds of Mawgis
Of Guy of Burgundy
Of Reynaud's End
Of Richard of Normandy
Of What Befell at Montalban
Of the Bridge of Mantryble
Of the Craft of Mawgis
Of the Doings of Floripas
Of the Doings of the French Knights
Of the End of Balan the Admiral
Of the End of the False Duke Macaire
Of the Plot Against Roland
Of the Punishment of Ganelon
Of the Treachery of King John
The Slaying of Lothair
The Treason of Ganelon

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