Gateway to the Classics: Lords of the World by Alfred J. Church
Lords of the World by  Alfred J. Church

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Fate of the Melcart
Cleanor, Son of Lysis
The Last of a Veteran
A Great Scheme
The Mission
The Last of the Greeks
A Corinthian Assembly
At Thermopylae
A Pinchbeck Alexander
The Two Hasdrubals
Scipio Sets To Work
In the Roman Camp
The Megara
The Prisoners
Baal Hammon
Move and Countermove
Help from the Hills
The Battle of the Isthmus
A Pleasure Trip
In Sore Need
A Refuge in the Storm
The Storming of the Upper City
A Precious Book
The End of Carthage
At Delos
The Slave-Dealer
To Italy
The World Well Lost
Beyond the Sunset

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