Gateway to the Classics: Stories of the Magicians by Alfred J. Church
Stories of the Magicians by  Alfred J. Church

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Story of Thalaba
The Meeting of the Magicians
How Abdaldar the Magician sought for Thalaba
How Thalaba Went on his Errand
How Thalaba Fared on his Journey
What Thalaba Saw at Babylon
The Paradise of Sin
How Oneiza was Saved and Lost
The Deliverance of Thalaba
The Magic Thread
The Sledge and the Boat
The Doom

The Story of Rustem
Of Zal, the Father of Rustem
The First Exploits of Rustem
Rustem and his Horse Raksh
Rustem Fights with Afrasiab
How King Kaous Marched against the Land of the Gen
The Seven Adventures of Rustem
The Seven Adventures of Rustem (continued)
Sohrab (continued 2)
Sohrab (continued 3)
Sohrab (continued 4)
The Last Victory of Rustem
The Death of Rustem

The Story of Kehama
The Curse
The Glendoveer
The Ancient Tombs
The Refuge
The Doom

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