Gateway to the Classics: Our Little Spartan Cousin of Long Ago by Julia Darrow Cowles
Our Little Spartan Cousin of Long Ago by  Julia Darrow Cowles

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Our Little Spartan Cousin of Long Ago
by Julia Darrow Cowles
Engaging account of the life of children in ancient Sparta, where patriotism, heroism, and strength in battle are the highest ideals. We discover how at age seven boys leave home to live in company with 15 others, training to be Spartan soldiers through rigorous physical and mental exercises. In addition to wrestling, running, and throwing the discus, we watch them foraging for their food, gathering reeds for their bedding, singing patriotic songs, and eating at mess with their elders. Emphasis is on the true nobility and rugged simplicity of the Spartan character.  Ages 8-10
102 pages $10.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

A Spartan Company
The Assembly
The Public Tables
Chartas' Home
Sparta's Laws
The Festival
Work and Play
New Adventures
A Vacancy Filled
A Pledge and a Chase
The Drill
Days of Preparation
The Carnea
The Truce-Bearers
"Earth and Water"
A Runner from Marathon
For Sparta's Honor

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