Gateway to the Classics: Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe
Robinson Crusoe by  Daniel Defoe

Table of Contents

Inclination to Travel
Initial Voyage
Enslavement and Escape
Restlessness and Shipwreck
A Resourceful Survivor
Making Habitation
Time Passes
An Earthquake
Religious Awakening
The Sowing of Seeds
The Making of Baskets
Harvesting Corn
Shaping Pots and Baking Bread
The Canoe
Near Disaster at Sea
Catching and Rearing Goats
A Footprint in the Sand
Thinking and Rethinking an Attack Plan
Discovery of the Grotto
A Shipwreck
A Visit to the Wreck
Rescue of Friday
The Education of Friday
Making Ready to Voyage
An Arrival
Alliance with the Captain
The Governor Recovers the Ship

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