Gateway to the Classics: Our Humble Helpers by Jean Henri Fabre
Our Humble Helpers by  Jean Henri Fabre

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Cock and the Hen
The Gizzard
The Chief Kinds of Poultry
The Egg
The Egg (continued)
The Young Chickens
The Poulard
The Turkey
The Guinea-Fowl
The Palmipedes
The Duck
The Wild Goose
The Domestic Goose
The Pigeon
A Story from Audubon
A Supposition
A Fragment of History
The Jackal
The Chief Breeds of Dogs
The Chief Breeds of Dogs (continued)
The Various Uses of Dogs
The Eskimo Dog
The Dog of Montargis
The Cat
The Goat
The Ox
The Pig
Pig's Measles
A Persistent Parasite
The Horse
The Horse (continued)
The Ass

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