Gateway to the Classics: Come Christmas by Eleanor Farjeon
Come Christmas by  Eleanor Farjeon

Table of Contents

In the Week When Christmas Comes
Earth and Sky
Six Green Singers
Robin to Jenny
The Brown Birds
A Christmas Lullaby
Annar-Mariar's Christmas Shopping
Through a Shop Window
Holly and Mistletoe
The Carol Singers
The Mummers
A Stocking to Fill
For Them
The Christmas-Tree
Cradle-song for Christmas
The Children's Carol
Now Every Child
For All
The Shepherd and the King
A Carol for Christmas Eve
Mary's Burden
The Ending of the Year
Sweet Ass
A Manger Song
Child's Carol
Shall I to the Byre Go Down?
Wake Up!
Take Heart, Sweet Mary
Farewell to the Old Year
Welcome to the New Year
The Week After

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