Gateway to the Classics: The Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow by Allen French
The Story of Rolf and the Viking's Bow by  Allen French


The Act of Distress
Here Rolf Comes to Cragness
How Hiarandi Received the Lesser Outlawry
How Rolf Named Witnesses for the Death of Hiarandi
How Rolf Won His Freedom
How Rolf Won the Viking's Bow
How Rolf and Einar Summoned Each Other
How Those Two Came into Thraldom
Kiartan at Cragness
Now Kiartan Returns
Now Men Are Shipwrecked
Now Rolf and Grani Quarrel
Odd Doings at Cragness
Of Einar and Ondott
Of Grani's Pride
Of Rolf's Search for One To Surpass Him with the B
Of Schemings
Of Suits at the Althing
Of That Harvest Feast
Of That Robber
Of What Hiarandi Should Do
Of the Coming of Earl Thorfinn
Of the Lighting of the Beacon
Of the Outcome of Ondott's Plottings
Of the Saying of Those Two Words
Of the Soursops, and the Curse Which Hung on Them
Of the Trial of Grani's Pride
Of the Trial of Skill at Tongue
Rolf and Frodi Fare Abroad
The Summoning of Hiarandi

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