Gateway to the Classics: Countryside Rambles by William Samuel Furneaux
Countryside Rambles by  William Samuel Furneaux

Table of Contents

The Awakening of Nature
Opening Buds
The Reappearance of Hibernating Creatures
Wayside and Hedgerow
How Plants Climb
The Woods in Spring
Fields and Pastures
The Woods in Summer
Waysides and Wastes
By the Stream
Over Heath and Moor
Round Bog and Marsh
Fields and Meadows
In the Woods
Autumn Tints
The Fall of the Leaf
Autumn Fruits
The Dispersion of Seeds and Fruits
How Animals Prepare for the Winter
Fields and Hedgerows in Autumn
The Winter Condition of Plants
Trees in Winter
Winter Buds
Animal Life in Winter
Winter Flowers
Frost and Snowstorm

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