Gateway to the Classics: The Hanoverians by C. J. B. Gaskoin
The Hanoverians by  C. J. B. Gaskoin

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

The Age of Walpole

The Coming of the Georges
The Rise of Walpole
The Rule of Walpole
Bonnie Prince Charlie
The Age of Chatham

First Struggle
Second Struggle
England and her Colonies
The American Rebellion
The Age of Pitt

Pitt in Peace
The French Revolution
The Continental System
The Peninsular War
The Victorian Age

From Waterloo to Sevastopol
Recent Times
Economic Changes

Agricultural Revolution
Industrial Revolution
The Government of England

King and his Advisors
High Court of Parliament
Local Government
Justice, Defence and Taxation

Our Indian Empire
Britains Beyond the Sea
Summary of Chief Dates
Questions and Composition Exercises

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