Gateway to the Classics: American Leaders and Heroes by Gordy, Wilbur F.
American Leaders and Heroes by  Gordy, Wilbur F.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Christopher Columbus and the Discovery of America
The Discovery of the Mississippi River
The First English Attempts to Colonize America
John Smith and the Settlement of Jamestown
The Uprising of the People in Virginia in 1676
Miles Standish and the Pilgrims
Roger Williams and the Puritans
William Penn and the Settlement of Pensylvania
The French in the Mississippi Valley
George Washington, Surveyor and Young Soldier
James Wolfe, the Hero of Quebec
Patrick Henry and the Stamp Act
Samuel Adams and the Boston Tea Party
Paul Revere and Battle of Concord and Lexington
Benjamin Franklin and Aid from France
George Washington, Planter, Revolutionary Soldier
Nathaniel Greene and Francis Marion
Daniel Boone, the Kentucky Pioneer
Thomas Jefferson and the Lousiana Purchase
Robert Fulton and the Steamboat
Andrew Jackson, the Upholder of the Union
Daniel Webster, the Defender of the Constitution
S. F. B. Morse and the Electric Telegraph
Abraham Lincoln, the Liberator of the Slaves
Ulysses S. Grant and the Civil War
Some Leaders and Heroes in the War with Spain

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