Gateway to the Classics: China's Story by William E. Griffis
China's Story by  William E. Griffis

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

Primeval China
Oriental and Occidental Civilization
Who and Whence?
The Tartars
About the Beginning of Things
The Evolution of Government
The Feudal System
China Unified: The Great Wall
The Empire and the Northern Barbarians
The Rise and Fall of Dynasties
The Era of Printing and Literature
China's Experiment in Socialism
China invaded by the Mongols
What the Mongols did for China
The Ming Empire
The Manchus and Europeans
East and West in Conflict
Tai Pings and Trade War
The Arrow and the Flowery Flag
Peace Under Heaven
Japan, Korea, and Dual Sovereignty
Old Dogmas Blown to Atoms
The Boxer Riots
The Allies Make War on China
The Russo-Japanese War: Its Results
Awakened China
China: A Republic
Outline of Chronology

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