Gateway to the Classics: Dutch Fairy Tales by William E. Griffis
Dutch Fairy Tales by  William E. Griffis

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Entangled Mermaid
The Boy Who Wanted More Cheese
The Princess with Twenty Petticoats
The Cat and the Cradle
Prince Spin Head and Miss Snow White
The Boar with Bristles
The Ice King and His Wonderful Grandchild
The Elves and Their Antics
The Kabouters and the Bells
Three Hundred and Sixty-Six Children
The Oni on His Travels
The Story of the Wooden Shoe
The Curly-Tailed Lion
Brabo and the Giant
The Farm that Ran Away and Came Back
Santa Klaas and Black Pete
The Goblins Turned to Stone
The Mouldy Penny
The Golden Helmet
When Wheat Worked Woe
Why the Stork Loves Holland

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