Gateway to the Classics: Grandfather's Chair by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Grandfather's Chair by  Nathaniel Hawthorne

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Grandfather's Chair
The Puritans
A Rainy Day
Troublous Times
The Government of New England
A Broken Leg
The Quakers
John Eliot's Task
New Rulers
The Adventure of Sir William Phips
What the Chair Had Known
The Chair in the Firelight
The Salem Witches
Ezekiel Cheever's School
Cotton Mather
Continuing Dissension
Pomps and Vanities
The Siege of Louisburg
The Old French War
The End of the War
Thomas Hutchinson
The Stories Continue
A New Year
Liberty Tree
Scorn and Hatred
The British Troops in Boston
A Very Terrible Event
A Collection of Portraits
The Battle of Lexington
The Siege of Boston
The Tory's Farewell
The War for Independence
The Chair Finds Its Voice

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