Gateway to the Classics: The Horace Mann Readers: New Primer by Walter L. Hervey
The Horace Mann Readers: New Primer by  Walter L. Hervey

Table of Contents

Billy Boy and the Pony
I Had a Little Pony
Mix a Pancake
Away He Ran
The Muffin Boy
Two Little Black Crows
The New Baby
Peter Pup
Kittens with Mittens
Three Little Kittens
This Is the Way
The Farmer in the Dell
Big A, Little A
Little Brother
Grunt, Piggy, Grunt
Nose, Mouth, Eyes, Ears, Feet
Little Pig
A Mouse with a House
To Market
Billy and Nelly Go to Market
They Meet Jack Sprat's Cat
They See the End of the Muffin Boy
They Take Peter Pup Along
Pup and Pig
The Bee and the Pony
The Mother Goose Woman
The Mouse and Her House
A Good Joke
The Finest Showman
The Market
The Baker's Asleep
A Goat with a Boat
A Goat with a Coat
The Wolf and the Fox
Animated Alphabet

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