Gateway to the Classics: The Sandman: His Ship Stories by William J. Hopkins
The Sandman: His Ship Stories by  William J. Hopkins

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The Sandman: His Ship Stories
by William J. Hopkins
Sixteen stories about the building, launching, and sailing of the good brig 'Industry' and some of its travels to distant ports. Fourth volume in a series of stories created by a father to induce a certain little boy to go to sleep. For nearly three years his one listener heard them repeated many times, and his interest never flagged.  Ages 7-9
162 pages $11.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Ship-Building Story
The Blacksmith Story
The Launching Story
The Rigging Story
The Wedding Story
The Far Country Story
The Captain Solomon Story
The Unloading Story
The Fitting Story
The Pirate Story
The Chanty Story
The Cape Horn Story
The Castaway Story
The Little Jacob Story
The Little Sol Story
The Deserted Ship Story

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