Gateway to the Classics: Workmen and Heroes by Charles F. Horne
Workmen and Heroes by  Charles F. Horne

Table of Contents

The Gracchi
Zenobia of Palmyra
King Arthur
Rollo the Viking
Leif Ericson
Harold, King of England
The Cid
St. Bernard
Frederick Barbarossa
Richard Coeur de Lion
St. Francis of Assisi
St. Louis
Marco Polo
Sir William Wallace
Robert the Bruce
Arnold von Winkelried
Joan of Arc
Hans Gutenberg
William Caxton
Christopher Columbus
Vasco da Gama
Chevalier Bayard
Gustavus Vasa
Mary, Queen of Scots
Captain John Smith
William Harvey
Prince Charles Stuart
Captain James Cook
John Howard
Ethan Allen
Benedict Arnold
Hathan Hale
Thaddeus Kosciusko
Marquis de Lafayette
Charlotte Corday
Madame Roland
Marie Antoinette
Andreas Hofer
Queen Louise of Prussia
James Watt
Dr. Edward Jenner
Robert Fulton
William Wilberforce
Sir Humphrey Davy
General San Martin
George Stephenson
Samuel F. B. Morse
Peter Cooper
Louis Kossuth
John Ericsson
William Lloyd Garrison
Ferdinand de Lesseps
General John C. Fremont
David Livingstone
Cyrus W. Field
Queen Victoria
Florence Nightingale
Dr. Louis Pasteur
General Charles G. Gordon
General George Custer
Henry M. Stanley
Thomas Alva Edison

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