Gateway to the Classics: Statemen and Sages by Charles Horne
Statemen and Sages by  Charles Horne

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Front Matter

David, King of Israel
Marcus Tullius Cicero
Augustus Caesar
St. Ambrose
St. Augustine of Hippo
St. Patrick
Justinian the Great
St. Augustine of Canterbury
Alfred the Great
John Huss
Louis XI, of France
Isabella of Castille
Nicholas Copernicus
Martin Luther
Letter from Luther to his son
Charles V of Germany
John Calvin
John Knox
Elizabeth, Queen of England
Francis Bacon
Galileo Galilei
Cardinal Richelieu
William Bradford
Charles I of England
Letter from Charles I to his son
Oliver Cromwell
Frederick, the Great Elector
Louis XIV, of France
William Penn
William III, of England
Isaac Newton
Peter the Great
Maria Theresa
Edmund Burke
Benjamin Franklin
Patrick Henry
George Washington
Letter from Washington to his adopted daughter
John Adams
Letter from Adams to a friend
Thomas Jefferson
Alexander Hamilton
Count de Mirabeau
Maximilien Robespierre
Jean Henri Pestalozzi
Georges Cuvier
Alexander von Humboldt
Daniel O\'Connell
Simon Bolivar
Jean Francois Champollion
Andrew Jackson
Daniel Webster
Letter from Webster to a friend
Willaim Henry Seward
Abraham Lincoln
Horace Greeley
Louis Agassiz
Charles Darwin
Louis Adolphe Thiers
Leon Gambetta
Benjamin Disraeli
William Ewart Gladstone
Prince von Bismarck
Charles Steward Parnell
William McKinley
Grover Cleveland

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