Gateway to the Classics: Indian Folk and Fairy Tales by Joseph Jacobs
Indian Folk and Fairy Tales by  Joseph Jacobs

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Front Matter

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The Lion and the Crane
How the Raja's Son Won Princess Labam
The Lambikin
The Broken Pot
The Magic Fiddle
The Cruel Crane Outwitted
Loving Laili
The Tiger, the Brahman, and the Jackal
The Soothsayer's Son
The Charmed Ring
The Talkative Tortoise
A Lac of Rupees for a Bit of Advice
The Gold-Giving Serpent
The Son of Seven Queens
A Lesson for Kings
Pride Goeth before a Fall
Raja Rasalu
The Ass in the Lion's Skin
The Farmer and the Money-Lender
The Boy Who Had a Moon on His Forehead
The Prince and the Fakir
Why the Fish Laughed
The Demon with the Matted Hair
The Ivory City and Its Fairy Princess
How Sun, Moon, and Wind Went Out to Dinner
How the Wicked Sons Were Duped
The Pigeon and the Crow

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