Gateway to the Classics: Kindergarten Gems by Agnes Taylor Ketchum & Ida M. Jorgensen
Kindergarten Gems by  Agnes Taylor Ketchum & Ida M. Jorgensen


Daddy Dandelion was a handsome fellow,

With his coat of green, and his vest of yellow;

He had lots of gold, he was very lazy,

So he chose to scold a modest little daisy.

Silly little daisy, foolish little flower,

Imitating me, to your best of power;

Just then some one passed, who his cane was swinging,

Snapped off Dandelion, ceased his accent singing.

Daisy at the sight, dropped a tear of sorrow,

Closed her eyes and died, opened on the morrow;

Every one that passed, gazing with delight,

Asked her where she found gems, so pure and bright.

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