Gateway to the Classics: Kindergarten Gems by Agnes Taylor Ketchum & Ida M. Jorgensen
Kindergarten Gems by  Agnes Taylor Ketchum & Ida M. Jorgensen

Tabby Grey

I am a little kitty, my name is Tabby Grey;

My home is in the country, just twenty miles away.

My eyes are bright as hazel, my fur as soft as silk;

I'm fed each night and morning, with a saucer full of milk.

The milk comes fresh and foaming, right from the good old cow,

And after I have lapped it, I frolic, you know how;

I'm petted by the children, the mistress of the house,

And sometimes, when I'm nimble, I catch a little mouse.

And sometimes, when I'm naughty, I climb upon the stand,

And eat the cake, or chicken, or anything at hand;

Ah! then they take my saucer, no matter how I mew,

And that's the way I'm punished, for the naughty things I do.

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